Cold Blooded Christmas


It was late at night on Christmas Eve, I was dreaming of the soft, white snow.
I was awoken by a noise near the Christmas tree, what it was I did not know.
It was Santa Claus, he was bringing me some gifts, unfortunately I did not know that.
So I quietly snuck up behind him, and I shot him five times in the back.

It went pow pow pow pow poooowwww.
He said, “What the ****?!? OW OW OOOWWW!!!
Then I shot him three more times in the head.
Pieces of his brain flew out and he was dead.

That’s when I noticed Continue reading

reclame si Reclame

De fiecare data cand vad o reclama simpla care ma face sa zambesc ma gandesc la zecile de reclame care sunt facute total aiurea si pe care pur si simplu nu le inteleg. Daca vrei sa faci o reclama proasta trebuie sa urmezi cativa pasi:
1. Sa faci rost de 4-5 copii care vor sa manance ceva, sa se joace prin noroi cat mai artistic posibil sau sa cante fara vreun motiv anume
2. De o persoana care sa improvizeze niste versuri care . Continue reading